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3D Printing On Demand.

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How It Works

Send us your design

Upload your .obj or .stl 3D model file to the form.

Get an estimate

We'll format your design and tell you the cost to print it.

Receive your object

Once it's been printed, we'll send you the product.

Built to last

Printed in PLA, your prints will turn out durable and strong.

Bring your ideas to life

Your 3D model can become real with 3D Printing by WalleNet.

Upload a model

If your model is smaller than 120mm3, select the 'Standard Model'. If your model is larger than 120mm3 it will need to be split into multiple parts and then glued together. If you have already split your model into parts, upload a 'Pre-Split' Model. If you want us to split the model for you, select a 'Large Model'. For more complex models, it is reccommended that you use a pre-split model.

Standard Model

Model is smaller than 120mm3

Pre-Split Model

Model is larger than 120mm3 but is split by user.*

Large Model

Model is larger than 120mm3 and will need to be split by WalleNet.

*Please keep parts at least 5mm apart