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Available on Github ✅

Source code to AutoGit, QuickLaunch and more is now available on GitHub.

QuickLaunch 5

QuickLaunch 5 is now out with a sleek new look and more features than ever.

The Unreleased 'Asteroids 2'

Sneak a peak at the unreleased Asteroids 2, also available in the games package of the developers downloads section.

Avion Games to be Removed June 2021

Avion Games will officially be taken down in June due to declining interest and lack of interaction. Games will remain available in the developers downloads section.

Current Projects

What we're working on right now.

Radiation Detection

Using an Arduino and a Geiger counter, we're creating a safety net we hope you'll never need. While a Geiger counter itself makes electronic 'clicks' to warn the user of radiation, this project will include a 0.96-inch OLED display to accurately and efficiently display the threat of dangerous radiation through CPMs (Counts Per Minute) of alpha and beta particles (particles that occur with nuclear radiation).

Key Points

  • This project will premiere our first Arduino-based project, as opposed to the Raspberry Pi. While the Raspberry Pi is a full-fledged computer, the Arduino is simply a micro-controller, making it cheaper but less powerful.
  • An OLED display consumes a small amount of power since 'true black' pixels can be turned of to create a more vibrant black and save power
  • The 4x AA Batteries provide 6V to the needed 5V, which leaves enough power for the Arduino to efficiently power the Geiger counter for long periods of time (Exact battery life has yet to be determined)

International Space Station Tracker

Verison 1.3

A simple python script with a GUI and Terminal output showing the relative position of the International Space Station on a map using data from api.open-notify.org. The terminal also displays the names of all people currently aboard the ISS.


Verison 2.0

AutoGit is a Git Automator that allows you to push changes to your git repository with an easy-to-use GUI interface. This can make pushing to your repo much less of a daunting task and is good for beginners who don't want to interact with the GIT Terminal interface.


Verison 5.2

QuickLaunch is a simple program that allows you to find and launch programs with a keyboard shortcut. Just add the programs to the config file and launch away!


Package includes Settler, Minesweeper, FF: 2019, Asteroids, and Asteroids 2 (Beta)