Power at your fingertips.

All of your apps are just a keystroke away.

Navigate with speed.

With QuickLaunch, your entire library of apps is just a few keys away.


QuickLaunch 6 is here.

Add apps directly from the app, show/hide hints, and do more with the most streamlined yet powerful QuickLaunch yet.

New with QuickLaunch 6

Your favorite app just got better.

New Settings

Customize QuickLaunch 6 to fit your personal style with the all-new settings menu.

Add Apps

Add your favorite apps directly from the application. No more messing with files and installation

Bug Fixes

We're always striving to make the perfect experience for our users, and that holds true for QuickLaunch 6.

Open Source ☑

QuickLaunch 6.0.0 is available on our Github.

How it works

How to use QuickLaunch to navigate your computer faster and more efficiently


We strongly suggest assigning a keyboard shortcut to run QuickLaunch. For best results, pin it to your taskbar and use the 'Windows' key + the position on the taskbar to launch the app. For example if QuickLaunch was the first item on the taskbar, you would use Win+1 to open the app.


Next, add programs you want to be able to launch from the settings page.


That's it! Now you can launch programs faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Installation Instructions

How to properly install QuickLaunch to ensure the best experience.


Begin by downloading QuickLaunch from our website.


Next, you'll need to install QuickLaunch via PyInstaller. Extract the files and open a new terminal window (search for 'Command Prompt' in the Start menu) and navigate to where you stored the QuickLaunch Download. For example, if QuickLaunch is located at C:/Users/JohnSmith/Desktop/QuickLaunch6.1.1/, you would use the following command to navigate to the QuickLaunch directory:

cd C:/Users/JohnSmith/Desktop/QuickLaunch6.1.1

Next, make sure your version of pip is up-to-date by running the following command:

pip install --upgrade --user pip

Then, once in this directory, run the following command to install PyInstaller and other dependencies:

pip install pyinstaller easygui pillow tk

Finally, install QuickLaunch using PyInstaller with the following command:

pyinstaller -w --onedir QuickLaunch.py && move logo.png ./dist/QuickLaunch/


That's it! Check out our guide to get started with QuickLaunch!

Download QuickLaunch

Version 6.1.1

Other Downloads

Other Downloads

QuickLaunch 6.1.1 (October 2021)

October 29th, 2021 (Latest Release)

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QuickLaunch 6.1.0 (October 2021)

October 28th, 2021

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QuickLaunch 6.0.0 (October 2021)

October 27th, 2021

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QuickLaunch 5.2.0 (February 2021)

February 28th, 2021

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