International Space Station Tracker

Verison 1.3

A simple python script with a GUI and Terminal output showing the relative position of the International Space Station on a map using data from api.open-notify.org. The terminal also displays the names of all people currently aboard the ISS.


Verison 2.0

AutoGit is a Git Automator that allows you to push changes to your git repository with an easy-to-use GUI interface. This can make pushing to your repo much less of a daunting task and is good for beginners who don't want to interact with the GIT Terminal interface.


Verison 5.2

QuickLaunch is a simple program that allows you to find and launch programs with a keyboard shortcut. Just add the programs to the config file and launch away!


Package includes Settler, Minesweeper, FF: 2019, Asteroids, and Asteroids 2 (Beta)